Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I'll have everything with extra feta

My I am behind on my blogging, and I'm sure my loyal readership (hi family!) are wondering what has happened to me. Lots has been going on, including planning a move, a parental visit, a pilgrimage to the family origins (well on Dad's side anyway), and being bloody busy at work.*

Anyway, though it was a while ago now, I wanted to include a blog about Crete. You know you've had a good holiday when you're looking in real estate agent's windows to check out house prices.

My top 10 things about Crete were:

1. They fed you everywhere! You ordered a drink, they bought you food. You bought a coffee, they bought you food. And yummy food too. Salty food, which incidentally made you feel like another drink. So the only logical thing to do was order another one (and so on and so forth...)

2. And continuing from this, the Food! the Food was amazing, the sea food was fresh, the feta plentiful, the Tsaziki creamy, the Pizza toppings varied (yes, there was loads of Italian Food, something about shared history and past Italian conquests - I was too busy relaxing to be historical).

3. The little churches you would see all over the place - so simple and lovely.

4. The people - the Greek people are the most hospitable and relaxed I have ever met. Nothing is too much trouble for them. They were so friendly. In restaurants the service was so good. I'm not used to these things anymore.

5. Waking up, going out onto our balcony and seeing the ocean with the mountains behind it. Spectacular.

6. In conjunction with that, the beach. Yep it was a little on the rocky side, and that sand was awfully hot, and the water was absolutely frickin freezing, but I'll take whatever I can get these days.

7. Our lovely little beach was also home to a number of cute little bars - all with big sofas outside, just opposite the beach, where they served you cocktails and free food (see point 1).

8. There were people around but nowhere was too busy. You could walk around the streets and no one would bother you. That said, the traffic was still pretty busy. There will also a fair number of lappers, broadcasting the latest on the Greek charts, which made me laugh and reminded me of Rundle Street!

9.The colour of the water:

10. A nasty (in a good way) little aperitif called raki, which tastes like aniseed. You're supposed to drink it in little sips but as it came in a shot glass and we didn't know that, we were drinking it like shots, much to the bemusement of the locals sitting near us. There was also a little bottle of it in our room that got refilled each day. Curses.

*Not something I'm used to anymore. What a public servant I've become!


Anonymous said...

Hi Penny,
I can identify with these 10 points Penny having spent 2 wonderful holidays in the same town you were in.Haven't responded earlier as due to jet-lag and other commitments I've only just read this blog! Wasn't expecting you to write one so soon but am glad you have. Love Mumx
PS Looking forward to the one on our visit!

Anonymous said...

Hi Penny,
You're so lucky to be able to all this travelling. Those islands sound as great as ever with the blue seas, cafes and food.
Gill and I hired bikes on Paros one day and rode to the other end of the island - the dirt track was full of butterflies; millions of them. That island is where the marble comes from so the gravel on the roads is brilliant white - and reflects upwards into your eyes. The Venus de Milo was carved from Parian marble.
Glad you had such a great experience.
Love Dad xxx

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous. That's all I have to say. Tori.

Just Me said...

Hi Penny
I stumbled across your excellent blog accidently and I hope you don't mind but I've added a link to your blog on my blog page. Crete sounds wonderful by the way, I'd love to go.